Want to know more about organoids?

You may of read about everyone and their mother trying organoid culture for various different tissues. We now have 3D culture systems for so many systems; very exciting as often they are much more accurate at recapitulating the in vivo systems than standard 2D culture methods.


Some examples of tissues that have been recapitulated with organoid culture. Credit



However, more advanced systems also mean a much more difficult methods. To combat this, CamBioScience are offering a special workshop titled “Mouse Intestinal Organoids – Establishment, Culture & Manipulation”, headed by two group leaders from the Stem Cell Institute, and world experts in organoid culture, Dr. Bon-Kyoung Koo and Dr. Meritxell Huch (see their recent review on organoids here)

For more information visit their website here – early bird registration with reduced fee is available until the end of September too!



Written by Livvi Harris

Livvi Harris

I am a first year PhD Wellcome Trust PhD student at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute currently carrying out a year of rotations, so I can’t quite tell you what my PhD is in yet! I am an ex-pharmacologist (or maybe current?!) from the University of Bath, with 15 months experience of industry after working for the oncology pharmacology team at MedImmune in Cambridge for my placement year.

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