The good, the bad and the ugly… bacteria

I came across this video from the NPR science blog “Shots” and felt compelled to share. I think this video is fascinating for all ages, but obviously particularly helpful for younger children. I really do think the design is genius and I love the personification of immune cells and microbes – I dare you to watch it and not smile! As a scientist learning about all the bacteria and infections we face every day sometimes it’s easy to get a little freaked out, but videos like these really make you appreciate that we are way more than just the homo sapiens we think we are.

Credits: Video and featured image by Benjamin Arthur for NPR, 

Written by Livvi Harris

Livvi Harris

I am a first year PhD Wellcome Trust PhD student at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute currently carrying out a year of rotations, so I can’t quite tell you what my PhD is in yet! I am an ex-pharmacologist (or maybe current?!) from the University of Bath, with 15 months experience of industry after working for the oncology pharmacology team at MedImmune in Cambridge for my placement year.

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