Amgen scholars program

Around Christmas time last year I started to wonder what I was going to do over the summer. I was half way through my year in industry at MedImmune in Cambridge and really starting to get a taste for the world of science!

Obviously my initial thought was that I would rather spend the summer months relaxing on a beach somewhere than chained to a lab bench. But unfortunately those lottery numbers never did come up!

So I figured the next best thing was to find a scholarship program that would enable me to spend my summer doing something exciting, getting paid and enhancing my CV.

The Amgen scholarship program is run every year in Europe and the US. Unfortunately students from Europe can only apply for one of the three European programs. Host universities in Europe are the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, the LMU in Munich and the University of Cambridge. I decided to apply for the Munich program… mainly for the beer and sausage.


8 weeks have passed and I have met some incredible people and been on excursions to Berlin and the original Disneyland castle. I’ve even managed to fit some science in around evenings spent in some of Munich’s finest beer gardens.

The program has now finished and and I’m writing this post on the plane heading back to Cambridge. We have a packed two day symposium where we have the opportunity to present our research to some world-leading academics and the scholars from Cambridge and Sweden.

This summer has been very busy, and there’s been times where I would have rather been lying on a beach. But overall it’s given me a fantastic opportunity to meet some really great people and experience a wonderful city.

Find out more about the program here

Written by John


I’m a recent Pharmacology Graduate from Glasgow, currently working toward a PhD in Cancer Research from the University of Cambridge. My main research aims are to understand the clonal dynamics in breast cancer, and how they are altered by therapy.

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